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Thomas Blekman
Global School for Entrepreneurship

« “A lot of entrepreneurial programs are about entrepreneurs and not for entrepreneurs. We focus on a program for entrepreneurs, and we apply the value measurements to give the students a better understanding of themselves” »

Thomas Blekman, co-founder of the Netherland-based Global School for Entrepreneurship, encourages his students to start their own business from day one, and uses Value.Online to help them address questions such as “Why do I want to work here, and what do I want to achieve?” with great results.

« …with the value ranking we have a systematic way of guiding and helping people to move on from their floating thoughts »

As both the project manager of a program for future managers and a business developer in Vetlanda municipality, Heléne Gustavsson has built her own module based on the Point of Value rankings, where she mostly focuses on the value map and the life compass.


Heléne Gustavsson
Vetlanda municipality


Mervat Al Sayed

Common Space Initiative

« We want to relate to people in a crisis and thereby learn from them what they need. Not to tell them what to do. And that’s the bottom-up approach. »

Mervat Al Sayed, certified Value.Online facilitator, implemented the tool while working with Common Space Initiative, a Syrian peace-building project, as well as a Lebanese NGO. Her goal was a bottom-up approach, where storytelling played a major part.

« … being that age, where you develop in such a fast pace, and make many important life decisions, it is a of great benefit to know your stance. »

At the Hedda Andersson High school, based in central Lund, headmaster Malin Dahlgren has implemented the Value.Online process with both staff and students to help develop students’ ability to work together, be creative and develop their roles as leaders. The school has an entrepreneurial profile, and the task of participating in societal development is of great importance.


Malin Dahlgren
Hedda Andersson

High school

Kevin Cottam round_edited.png

Kevin Cottam

Go Nomading

« Once people realize their values and we go through them, suddenly, the light starts to go off on the way they see the rest of their lives, their actions, and their relationships. »

Kevin Cottam is a leadership coach, inspirational speaker, and author. He is also a former elite figure skater, choreographer, and director of the 1988 Calgary Olympic Closing Ceremonies. Today he leverages his real-life research to grow and encourage leaders to lead masterfully with a deeper awareness of themselves and their organization.

« It helps in decision making and being able to say no.  In my opinion it is as important to be able to say no saying as saying yes. »

Meet Jane Cox, Executive Coach, Organizational Supervisor, and a Point of Value facilitator. She has many years’ experiences in both corporate management and consultancy roles. Over the years she has developed her own, integrative approach to coaching and supervision.

Jane Cox round.png

Jane Cox

Coach Supervisor

Arvid Gisby round.png

Arvid Gisby

Skurups Folkhögskola

« Sometimes, you automatically get put into a certain role that doesn’t necessarily bring out the best of you. But if you work with and discover your true values, you can loosen that grip. »

At Skurups Folkhögskola, both staff, board and students have participated in workshops based on Point of Value's method and tools. We caught up with the school's principal Arvid Gisby.

« All my students make great inner journeys during the course. Many say that ranking has helped them put their values ​​into word, which has widened their self-awareness. Knowing your values help some make big life changes:
they resign, maybe break up with their partner or
move abroad. »

We caught up with Imse Spragg Nilsson. She has a background in the Scouts and has been active in the work of the EU's youth policy strategy. She was also a board member of the European Youth Forum. Today she works at Scouternas Folkhögskola − The Swedish Scouts’ Leadership College, and she is the project manager of a program called Value-based Leadership.

Imse Spragg Nilsson round.png

Imse Spragg Nilsson

Scouternas Folkhögskola

Gemma Noonan round smaller.png

Arvid Gisby

Giggs Group

« We believe in being very clear with people about what's expected of them and giving them regular feedback. And being able to do it around a very clear set of core values removes a lot of uncertainty.” »

Gemma Noonan is the Operations Director at the Giggs Group, a role that builds on her former experience as an HR Director with more than 18 years’ experience in different organizations. She is also a coach and a Point of Value facilitator.

« Storytelling captures everyone, nothing is glued on as horizontal criteria. »

We met with Katarina Scott, who has over25 years’ experience within the cultural and creative sector, private sector, education, and municipalities. She is now working at the Innovation Future Platform of Lund. She is also a Point of Value facilitator.

Katarina Scott round.png

Katarina Scott

Future by Lund

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