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How engaged are you?

Several studies show that individuals who have insight and knowledge of their personal values tend to be more committed and motivated in both their private lives and at work.


Moreover, when there is coherence between personal values and the workplace, the positive effects are amplified, leading to a reduction in stress and anxiety associated with work. Leaders who have insight into both their personal and organizational values are perceived as more credible and find it easier to make decisions.


In our analysis of commitment linked to values, we start from Posner & Schmidt’s research and measurement method. As illustrated in the graph on the left, an individual’s commitment in the workplace (on a scale of 1 to 7) increases with their insight about personal values. Notably, having insight only about organizational values, without clarity about personal values has no effect.

Take our survey

Here, you have the opportunity to take the survey and determine your own level of engagement in your work. Print or download your result as they are not saved on our server, ensuring complete anonymity for statistical purposes.

Measure engagement in your organisation

Get in touch with us if you would like to measure the level of engagement in your team or organisation. It can be an excellent way to identify the efforts needed foster a more motivated workforce, leading to improved performance and financial results.


If you work with a Value.Online Facilitator you will have the opportunity to engage in values-based development work that can be measured.

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