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Become a Value.Online facilitator

Do you have a passion for helping others grow, whether as a coach, trainer, or facilitator of individual and group development? Are you an HR professional or leader looking to add development facilitation to your skill set?


Whether you primarily focus on values-based work or not, our tools and methods will provide you with a unique approach to helping others become more clear, confident, and credible. This, in turn, can increase trust, resilience and psychological safety in the workplace.


Value.Online – a valuable tool in your professional toolbox

As a certified Value Facilitator for individuals, you guide clients or co-workers through the three steps of the process – ranking, mapping, and acting – including interactive storytelling sessions to help connect core values to their personal or professional lives.


As a certified Value Facilitator for teams, you support teams in identifying and promoting behaviours and priorities that are rooted in shared values. When team members undergo this process together, they develop and strengthen value congruence – a balance and harmony between personal values and team values.

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We host two online workshops monthly.


Three steps to value congruence

The Value.Online process allows your clients/co-workers to understand their core values and learn how to put them into practice in their personal and professional lives. Like an inner compass that guides them forward through landscapes that are not always favourable. This process is easy to apply and adapt to your needs, whether it involves major organisational changes or personal development.


Prioritise from 128 unique values, which takes less than half an hour.


Map the core values for increased insight and understanding.


Act to increase congruence on a personal level.

Want to know more about the Value.Online tool?

We regularly host online Value.Try Workshops for professionals interested in learning more about Value.Online. These workshops cover what Value.Online is, how it works, how to use it, and its relevance. Attendance is free and signing up is simple. You can also check out our On values page, or download “Point of Value – An Introduction”, a publication for those who are curious about values and how our tool, Value.Online, operates.

You can access information about our certification training from the top menu.

Or sign up for an information call – we are always happy to talk!

Working with Value.Online

Hello, Erica Elam

Specializing in executive and leadership

development for women


”I hadn’t imagined how in-depth the process, insights and applications would be! I’ve done a few values assessments previously, but they were very simplistic in comparison to the Value.Online.

The assessment itself was rigorous in forcing you to always prioritize to a single value – resulting in likely a truer assessment as you really have to discern between the available options. I appreciated the multiple activities around identifying clusters, exploring the Foundational, Focus and Aspirational values, my role models, and what values I could draw upon to realize and live into my aspirational values.

The entire process was very thought provoking. I’m excited to explore further, as I think this is a very substantive vehicle to dig deeper into living into your passion and authenticity.”

My very first assignment using the Value.Online tool was in a leadership program with a political party. What a privilege! Helping politicians identify their core issues and understand their motivations was incredibly rewarding.

It felt like an honor to contribute to their journey towards authenticity, helping them find their voice to communicate their message with clarity.

The entire process with storytelling and working in triads fostered a deeper understanding among the participants and increased trust, enabling honest feedback to flourish. I would love to have the opportunity to do something similar again sometime.”

Hi, Agneta Lundgren

Leadership Trainer,
Group Developer & Coach

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