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Individual and organisational development is crucial both for our personal lives and our businesses. While there are many tools available to improve and achieve results, working with values is one of the most effective approaches. Our unique Value.Online tool is a front-runner in the field of organisational and individual value work.

Our system is easy to use. With our cloud-based Value.Online tool, you rank your values based on their importance to you. The subsequent process supports you in gaining deeper insights, connecting the dots, and designing your path forward towards a greater sense of meaning, and an inner guiding compass.


A unique, research-based value ranking tool
for professionals and organisations

For professionals
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If you are a coach, leadership trainer, facilitator, or similar professional, you may already be working on development from a values perspective. With our tools, processes, and a network of like-minded individuals, you will have the opportunity to propel your clients’ development on a deeper level.

For organisations

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As the Manager or HR Director of an organisation, it’s likely you have initiated various activities to enhance your people’s motivation, engagement, well-being, and performance, resulting in different outcomes. Values-based development operates at a deeper level and has the potential to have a lasting impact over time.

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