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Creating a culture of collaboration

The Hedda Andersson High School, based in central Lund, has chosen to build their organization on a value base discovered by staff and students. We met Malin Dahlgren, the principal of the Hedda Andersson High School. 

by Emma Aasa


Why did you choose to work with Point of Value?

I wanted both staff and students to have a safe foundation to build on and develop as individuals, which requires that we set a value base. By using Point of Value’s proven process for valuation work, we quickly got started creating our culture of collaboration. And for the Hedda Andersson High School, which has a clear entrepreneurial profile, the task of participating in societal development is of great importance. We have the ambition to develop students’ ability to work together, be creative and develop their roles as leaders. 

How do you incorporate value work in your school?

Both students and staff undergo a valuation process. The ranking part is shorter for the students, but the results are the same. The workshops were perceived as applicable and provided the participants with a lot of knowledge about each other. 

Has value work made a difference?

We found strength as a management team; value work provided tools to use when we met with tricky phases. Now we look to our values and figure things out. I find that if there are significant concerns, it is now effortless to go in and cooperate.

Why is it important for young students to discover their values?  

Young people are often inexperienced in having these kinds of conversations, which is as challenging as it is rewarding. You can see some steep developmental curves. After the value workshops, the students take these tools with them. Being that age, where you develop fast and make many important life decisions, it is especially beneficial to know your stance.”

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