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Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment through Values at Hedda Andersson High

At Skurups Folkhögskola, both staff, board and students have participated in workshops based on Point of Value's method and tools. We caught up with the school's principal Arvid Gisby.

by Emma Aasa

Arvid Gisby round.png

Why was it important to incorporate value work in your school?

Arvid: I started my career as a lawyer and forensic sociologist, so you can say that I have always been value driven – yet, not always as consciously as I am now. As principle of Skurups folkhögskola I wanted to focus the values of our school, make it part of everything we do. Folkbildningen (Public Education) has an educational tradition that is based on the individual, on her growth and stance. That is the basis, and what I aimed to highlight.

In my opinion, the public education, or folkbildningen, is what arises in the meeting of people. And the meeting is based on the participants' values. It’s all interconnected like that.


How has it made a difference?

Arvid: Here is an example: we worked systematically to incorporate our values into our strategies and goals. Equality work is very central to our school, so through value work and other tools we worked to ensure an equal and not male-centric culture. The teachers had to learn to handle social and political questions, as well as business goals and plans based on the idea of public education.


Who would you recommend Point of Value to?

Arvid: I would recommend it to all organizations! Regardless of which, we have a collection of people with their own different backgrounds and personalities. Sometimes, you automatically get put into a certain role, that doesn’t necessarily bring out the best of you. But if you work with and discover your true values, you can loosen that grip. You can ask: what do I want going forward? What are my core values? What can I lean back on when everything else is collapsing? When everyone asks themselves these questions, the conversation starts going and you get a much more vital organization.


Has working with values had any benefits in your personal life?

Arvid: Sure, it has. My values are constantly being developed and reshaped. Knowing my values helped me make the decision to retire, which is a huge step in anyone’s life – but I knew what I wanted and was confident in it.

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