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A global network of value work

Point of Value was founded in Sweden and works with the development of individuals, groups and organisations based on values.


What we do:

  • We develop values-based processes for growth in co-creation with our ecosystem

  • We offer Value Facilitator Certification training

  • We facilitate Value.Organisation – our tailored process for defining organisational values

  • We invite likeminded people to conversations around values and values-based work


Our processes are extensively tested, well-proven and research-based and our facilitators adhere to our Code of Conduct. We continually develop and refine our system with the assistance of our dedicated facilitators.


Today we have certified Value Facilitators in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa region, and South & North America. Our system is available in 13 languages with additional languages in development. Over 55,000 people have utilised our unique value ranking tool Value.Online.

Our mission: To infuse our lives with meaning and purpose

Values, though invisible, influence our daily decisions and activities. In successful organisations, aligning the organisation’s values with those of its people is known as value congruence.

Value congruence results from working with the individuals, their team and the organisation.

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