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Online Facilitator Training.

training schedule – an overview

Next opportunity to join the Facilitator Training starts
5 November.
Early-bird price until 11 October.

5 November

Session 1

• Meet your fellow participants, learn the working methodology of the training and relevant value theories.
• Demonstration of how to facilitate Module 1: My personal values.

Home assignment

Participants meet on their own to facilitate each other before Session 2.

August - Individual facilitation as preparation before the course starts.

19 November

Session 2

• Reflections and lessons learned from Home Assignment.
• How to use the ranking tool Value.Online.
• Demonstration of how to facilitate Module 2: My life journey.

Home assignment

Participants meet on their own to facilitate each other before Session 3. Individual client work starts.

3 December

Session 3

• Reflections and lessons learned from Home Assignment.
• How to set up a FastTrack.
• Demonstration of how to facilitate Modules 3 and 4: Introduce Myself to the Team and Developing Team Culture.

Home assignment

Participants meet on their own to facilitate each other before Session 4. Individual client work.

17 December

Session 4

• Reflections and lessons learned from Home Assignments.
• How to sequence and work with the entire facilitation process.
• How to work with Dynamic Value Congruence for teams and organisations.

Home assignment

Finalise client work. Write a summary of reflections and learning.

all the details about the training

Become a Certified Value Facilitator.

A Certified Value Facilitator leads value processes for others. Through these processes, the participant's own discoveries reveals insight and new perspectives on how that person wants to develop and prioritize in his or her life. The Certified Value Facilitator serves as a guide and companion for this journey toward increased meaning and alignment with oneself. With our training, you will become a Certified Value Facilitator who has the right tools and methods to support personal development in individuals as well as progress towards value congruence for teams and organisations.

Our training is experience-based
Our training is designed for you to practise facilitating others under the experienced guidance of the course leader. Thanks to the feedback from your peers and test clients as well as your own reflections, you quickly build up your ability and confidence as a facilitator. You are ready to start facilitating others within a few weeks.

What does it mean to be a Certified Value Facilitator?                       
As a Certified Value Facilitator, you have access to a unique tool in the market, Value.Online, and you also have a reliable method for working systematically with values in individual and team settings. And, you become part of a network of international facilitators, which shares support, experience and news  through newsletters, social media, workshops and user conferences.

Course scope                                                           
The course comprises about 25–30 hours which includes:
• 4 online Training Sessions on 3 Sept, 17 Sept, 1 Oct, 15 Oct led by a master trainer.
• 3 self-organised Home Assignement meetings with the other course participants in between the Training Sessions.
• 3 facilitation exercises with your own test clients between the Training Sessions.

Preparations before
Before the first training day with the other participants, you do your own facilitation with the course leader who will also inform you about the course structure, exercises, home assignments etc.

Course content
Point of Value’s ​​method consists of three integrated parts, all of which will be explored in the training:
• Value Philosophy
• Facilitation Process
• System
During the training you will learn the philosophy and theories behind the Facilitation Process, and you will received a list of current research and literature that you can immerse yourself in. Through group exercises and individual practice, you will learn the steps in the Facilitation Process and how to work with individuals and teams, all of which is clearly outlined in a Facilitator Manual. Finally, you will go through the Value.Online system and learn how to manage all aspects of the tool.

Course material
The course includes:
• Value.Online rankings for test clients will be provided as part of the course.
• A Facilitator Manual with background and theories, step-by-step description of the Facilitation Process, suggestions on layouts, templates and a detailed instruction on how to use the Value.Online system.
• A Value Congruence Manual with instructions for working with team rankings and the relationship between personal and organisational values.
• Powerpoint presentations 
• Half-priced rankings available on completion of the training. (Max. 10 rankings per participant.)

Who is the training for?

The training to become Certified Value Facilitator is for anyone who is passionate about learning more about how to guide and faciltiate others to explore and practice their values. You may be  a consultant or coach looking for a tool to extend and improve your offer to clients. Or you are a leader who wants to learn how to work systematically with building collaborative team cultures in your company. Or you work with HR and see that the Value tool and methodology would be effective for aligning personal and organisational values through a leadership programme.

You will work actively with other participants and your test clients during 25–30 hours over 8 weeks. With your full participation, dedication and commitment to the Certified Value Facilitator training, you will have access to a process, methodology and tool that can support yur effective and meaningful work with individuals and organisations.

The course language is English. Please contact  us if you would prefer a course in Swedish, German, Turkish or Spanish.

Accredited by the ICF
The Certified Value Facilitator training is accredited by the ICF and entitles to 13 CCE points and 11 RD points that coaches can use renewing a ICF certification.

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Point of Value - Gruppen

Meet our Master Trainers.

Master Trainer Bobby Forshell

Bobby Forshell is the head Master Trainer of the Value Facilitator Training Programme. He has designed, developed and led the training programme since 2016. Bobby Forshell is also an executive coach and has designed and led numerous leadership programmes at companies and organisations world wide.

Master Trainer Jennifer Wasmer

Jennifer Wasmer is the Master Trainer for the US and Latin America. She has used Value.Online and the Values Facilitation process with numerous coaching and consulting clients to strengthen teamwork and help individuals uncover more meaning in their lives. Jennifer is also a coach, consultant and trainer in Authentic Communication.

Master Trainer Mahmoud Ramadan

Mahmoud Ramadan is the Master Trainer for the MENA-region. He uses the value facilitation process in his international work for supporting women empowerment, social inclusion, peace building, collaborative leadership development etc. Mahmoud is a consultant for design processes, strategic foresight and business social engagement.

Dates, registration and price

Register today.


Our online bi-weekly training dates are Thursdays at 3–4.30pm CEST on 3 Sept, 17 Sept, 1 Oct, 15 Oct. Before the course starts on the 3 September, you will have your individual facilitation with the trainer. You will agree a date for this at the end of August, sometime between 17–28 August.


Use the form to the right to register. If you have questions, please get in contact Birgitta Persson:
+46 768-56 46 22


Price for the course is €2.075 + VAT. Early-bird price (20% reduction) until 11 October.


  • Fee and payment
    After registration an invoice will be issued. The training fee must be paid before the training starts on the 3rd of September.
  • Cancellation
    Things happen and you might need to cancel your registration. You can cancel within 14 days of your registration and get the total fee refunded. This only applies up to 13th of August. For cancellations done after 13th of August, 50% of the fee is refunded and for cancellations done after 31st of August, there is no refund.
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Point of Value – en introduktion

Hur många värderingar finns det? Varför rangordnar man? Hur är Meningskartan och Kongruenskartan uppbyggda? Vilka teorier och forskning har bidragit till Point of Values verktyg och metod? Point of Value – An Introduction är en publikation för dig som vill veta mer om värderingar och hur vårt verktyg Value.Online fungerar.

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Våra senaste uppdateringar & nyheter.

Våra kunder och samarbetspartners arbetar med värderingar på många olika sätt och i många skilda sammanhang. I artikelserien Value Stories delar de med sig av sina berättelser i intervjuer av Kristin Grímsdóttir och Evalisa Forshell.

Value Stories

Smartum's new values guide everyday operations

When Suvi Widgren started as the new Managing Director at Smartum, she discovered that the company values were not reflected in the company culture and a complaint from a customer made her realise that she and her team had to do a proper process involving everybody in the organisation. This is her story of what happened.

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Value Stories

Värderingsarbetet stärkte företagets varumärke

Tack vare sin unika teknik att rena vatten med ozon, växer Primozone i skånska Löddeköpinge snabbt. Med många nyanställda och en växande kundskara, har Primozone valt att fokusera på sin företagskultur och varumärke genom ett gediget värderingsarbete för att växa hållbart.

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