Understanding one's personal 'WHY'

It has been a long and intense day but as soon as I hear Carina Vinberg’s voice on the other end of the line I get filled with positive energy. The fact that it’s a late evening after a long work day seems to impact Carina Vinberg, a Stockholm based leadership trainer and a coach, in a very positive way as I can feel her smiling at the end of the phone-line and she enthusiastically shares with me that she just came home from Mallorca where she supports a group of female leaders.

Carina Vinberg has made a successful career coaching leaders, elite athletes and young people by defining and putting up the state of mind needed to perform under extreme conditions, while simultaneously reach the ultimate power, balance and success. Her main focus is on creating sustainable and growing cultures where communication, trust and collaboration is the key and where self-leadership can grow.

With support from the latest brain research, especially methods regarding how the brain and body are perceived and valued as a one holistic, sustainable system, Carina designs activities that support the integration of knowledge being turned faster into competence. One of the tools she has chosen to use  in her work is Value.Online but understanding one’s owns personal ‘WHY’ she perceives as one of the most important methods to create engagement  - and that happens through knowing one’s own values and acting accordingly.

For Carina integrity is important and to live as she leads. Aligned with her own personal values of health, balance and living holistically she allows her curiosity to take her to new exciting challenges and projects. For instance, she will the upcoming year follow and coach two Norwegian women who are about to take on a big challenge: to overwinter by themselves in the arctic Svalbard in a project called ‘Hearts In The Ice’. And there, too, she will be using Value.Online.

The tool helps people to make conscious choices both in professional and personal lives, just as within sports, in seeking a new career and in relations.

There is a lot to touch upon, clearly, and I feel that we won’t do fair to Carina’s knowledge and experience in such a short article. I promise myself to meet her in the nearest future to dig deeper into her inspiring story which I would love to share with you too. But until then I’m curious about how Value.Online has been of value to her in her work as a leadership trainer and coach, which she is happy to tell me.

“Value.Online helps individuals and groups to become more confident, clear and credible in their own leadership and lives. It is a subject oriented tool, meaning that the individuals themselves make their own interpretations and meaning out of their values during the process we work together. The tool helps people to make conscious choices both in professional and personal lives, just as within sports, in seeking a new career and in relations. It is indeed value-adding in all situations of our lives. And the choices people make are their own, something they can stand for (and not some unconscious behaviour that is absorbed from the surrounding).  It can be about staying within an organisation and together with colleagues live the values of the company or choose to go somewhere else, without disguising anything, where you can truly live your values with integrity. It helps strengthening teams and create guidelines for how we can live to get the best possible prerequisites to achieve together. Furthermore, Value.Online is of great help for people to find out their next step in life by asking the question: What is it truly that I want?”

Exploring the significance of our values

It makes me happy to hear how she confidently states the value added to people’s lives and leadership skills by using Value.Online and I get curious about how she uses it in practice with her clients.

"For an individual - it may be a manager or a leader - it can be a good idea in an own leadership programme to start by going through Value.Online. It’s a great tool for increased self-awareness, self-leadership, insights, knowledge and discussions, even for those who have gone through many leadership trainings and are genuinely interested in personal development and to develop one’s co-workers. It also works well to complement Value.Online with Daniel Ofmans’ Core Qualities as well as Simon Sinek’s WHY process, which also both  are subject oriented tools.

In practice, we start exploring the significance of our values; to explore how we perceive ourselves, how we appear to others, our sense of security and clarity, our priorities and our current and future behavior can give us both new and increased awareness. With personal storytelling, which is an important part of the process, we become aware of what is really important to us and why. That awareness makes the causes of stress and other concerns become much more clear making it easier to affect changes at the behavior level.  Even the causes for joy and well-being become more clear. This means that I am, with great advantage, able to coach my customers further on behaviors, by them reflecting on how they live their values, or on what needs to be adjusted to be able to live them with more congruence.

Value.Online, which makes individuals understand where their values come from and how they develop, is excellent to work with in a group too. It helps to strengthen the we-feeling and the team spirit, to get to know each other as human beings a little better and work for common goals and visions when we know how to live our values."

Happy Clients

The fact that Value.Online is a frequently updated and easy-to-use online tool is something that Carina sees as the greatest benefits for her as a user, something that has given her the possibility to have clients all over the world. And the clients seem to be happy...

"I have learned many new things, both in my role as project manager and as a sailor, skier and in my everyday life. The inner journey it has given me provides me with more security and strength. I have become more aware of my values and the importance of living here and now."  – Elite Athlete

"Values have helped me to be much more true myself. It has given me more characteristics of who I am, and the ones that were the strongest of myself, today and for the future. Yes, they were so right and it helped me to give more attention and be more truthful to myself and gave me more strength, and my personality came more out. Now I go more my own way for me." – Leader


At the end of our conversation I feel how my heart is longing for more. More stories, more knowledge, more insights. My curiosity is guiding me towards the two women in Svalbard, Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby, and their project ‘Hearts in the Ice’. It’s unusual, courageous, adventurous (even dangerous) and inspiring. In a follow-up article we will dig deeper into why Carina decided to become part of that project, what she is hoping to get out of it and how she uses Value.Online throughout the process.

In Value Stories we get to better know our users and customers and how Value has been of value for their work and lives.


Kristin Grímsdóttir.

Kristin Grímsdóttir is a certified Value facilitator, an accredited ICF Coach and has founded her own company Perlur. Her background is as Global Sustainability Manager at a large, multi-national organisation and she wrote her master thesis at Lund University about higher ambition leaders.