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A unique tool.

Value.Online is a unique, interactive tool for ranking personal values ​​on the web. Value.Online is no test or analysis. You simply rank what is most important to you and this generates an overview map of which values ​​are most important and important to you right now.

The ranking is the first step in our Value Basic Process to increase insight into personal values. Step 2 is Map and step 3 is Act.

Value.Online is available in 11 languages and therefore works well in international and multilingual organisations.

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About Value.Online

A unique method and process.

With the cloud-based Value.Online tool, you rank your values ​​according to how important they are to you. Thanks to the system's interactivity, values ​​are set against values ​​and you extract those that matter most to you right now.

Our tool and process is based on research and theories on values ​​of, among others: Milton Rokeach, Brian Hall, Abraham Maslow and Shalom H. Schwartz.

Takes only
30 minutes
Scalable to work for
big groups
Based on research and studies

In our database we have the 128 personal values ​​that are the most common occurring globally. Each value is defined and presented with three synonyms. In this way, Value.Online covers almost 400 values, which is unique in the world.

The ranking generates several personal maps used for step 2 Map. The maps are based on research and theories of consciousness- and adult development of, among others: Erik H. Erikson, Jean Piaget, Robert Kegan, Abraham Maslow, Lawrence Kohlberg, Frederic Laloux and Bill Torbert.

Value.Online - rangordna dina värderingar direkt i telefonen
our method & tool

Value Basic Process.

Our Value Basic Process forms the basis of all our services and includes three steps: Rank, Map and Act. The process is easy to apply and adapt to your needs, regardless of whether it is about major organisational changes or personal development.


1. Rangordna dina värderingar


Rank your personal values.

Participants rank their personal values ​​with the interactive online tool Value Online. In the ranking, the most important values ​​are set against each other, and each person extracts his or her most important values ​​- the core values.

The ranking consists of 128 values ​​and takes about 30 minutes to do.


2. Kartlägg dina värderingar


Map you core values to increase insight and understanding.

Following the ranking, you go through and map out the core values ​​under the guidance of a Value facilitator. The mapping places great emphasis on the values ​​that the individual wants to see more of and deals with how the individual and the group can act to practice more of these values.


3. Agera enligt dina värderingar


Act to increase the congruence on both a personal level and in the relationship between the person and the organisation.

In the third step, the group decides how to proceed in order to practice  the values ​​that one wants to see more of. What do you need to focus on and how to act?

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Why work with values?

Research shows that people who have insight and knowledge of their own personal values ​​are more committed and motivated - both in their private life and at work. If you can also find coherence between your own values ​​and the workplace, the effect is even greater. Stress and anxiety associated with work is reduced. Leaders who have insight into both their personal and organisational values are perceived to be more credible and they find it easier to make decisions.

Point of Value - Ökat engagemang och motivation i organisationen.

Increased commitment and motivation in the organisation.

Point of Value - Lättare att prioritera och ta medvetna beslut för alla i organisationen.

Easier to prioritise
and make conscious decisions for everyone in the organisation.

Point of Value - En organisations-kultur som främjar verksamhetens mål och syfte.

An organisational culture that promotes the goals and purpose of the business.

Point of Value - Lägre personalomsättning.

Lower staff turn-over.

Point of Value - Ett bättre socialt klimat bland medarbetarna.

Better social climate among employees.

Point of Value - Mer hälsosam arbetsmiljö.

More healthy
working environment.