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Value Congruence for team and organisations.

Lay the foundations for a collaborative culture in your organisation – in 1 day!

The basis for creating a collaborative culture and value congruence in the team, is that each individual understands and can communicate their personal values ​​and driving forces to the others in the group. Based on this understanding, the group can jointly develop shared priorities and rules to fulfill its mission. We have a process for how your organization can do this in 1 day. Let's tell you how it is done!

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Profound training in leading value work for individuals, teams and organisations.

A Value facilitator leads value processes for others. In the process, it is the participant's own discoveries that create self-insight and new perspectives on how that person wants to develop and prioritize in his or her life. With our training, you get the right tools and methods to support personal development in individuals as well as development towards value congruence for teams and organisations.

Experience-based training
Our training is experience-based, which means that you get to practice facilitating others under the safe guidance of the course leader. Thanks to the feedback from your peers and test clients as well as your own reflections, your ability and security as a facilitator is quickly built up and you are ready to start facilitating others within a few weeks.

What does it mean to be a Certified Value Facilitator?                              As a certified facilitator, you have access to a unique tool in the market, Value.Online, and you also have a reliable method for working systematically with values ​​for individuals and teams. Furthermore, you are part of a network of international facilitators and you take part of the experiences and news exchanged through newsletters, workshops and user conferences.

Course scope                                                           
The course comprises about 25 hours which for the online course includes 4 course sessions, 3 web meetings with the other course participants and 3 separate facilitation exercises with own test clients. Open and intra-company courses onsite comprise about 25 hours distributed over 2 separate course days interspersed with own practice, as well as an online follow-up meeting.

Preparations before
Before the first training day with the other participants, you do your own facilitation with the course leader who will also inform you about the course structure, exercises, home assignments etc.

Course content
Point of Value’s ​​method consists of three integrated parts: Value Philosophy - Basic Process - System. During the training you will learn about all three. You will learn about the theories behind the basic process, learn more about current research and get tips on literature to immerse yourself in. Through group exercises and individual practice, you will learn the steps in the basic process and how you work with individuals and teams. You also get a manual to support you. Finally, you will go through how the system on which the Value.Online tool is based works and you will learn how to manage it.

Course material
The course includes:
• A manual with background and theories, step-by-step description of the basic process, suggestions on layouts, templates and a detailed instruction on how to use the Value.Online system.
• A specific manual for step-by-step work on value congruence in relation to person-organisation and the team ranking.
• Powerpoint presentations 
After the training, each participant is offered to buy 10 rankings at half the price.

Price and registration
The price for the course is €2.075 + VAT.
Sign up to info@value.se or call Birgitta Persson on +46 768-56 46 22.

Accredited by the ICF
The training is accredited by the ICF and entitles to 13 CCE points and 11 RD points that you as a coach can use when you renew your ICF certification.


Point of Value – An Introduction

How many different values are there? Why do you rank? How are the Meaning Map and Congruence Map constructed? Which theories and research make up the foundation of the tool and methodology of Point of Value? Point of Value – An Introduction is a publication for you who want to know more about values and who are curious about how our tool Value.Online works.


Online- training

Basic Course.

The online Basic Course to become Value facilitator consists of about 25 hours which constitute both course sessions and exercises. The 25 course hours are divided into 4 course sessions online, 3 web meetings with the other course participants and 3 separate facilitator exercises with the participants' own test clients. The course is preferably given in English and with participants from several different countries in groups of 3 people.

Price: The price of the training is SEK 19.700 or € 2.075 + VAT.

Signing up: For questions and signing up for the training, please contact us at info@value.se.
you can also call us at +46 768 56 46 22.


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