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Value Congruence for team and organisations.

Lay the foundations for a collaborative culture in your organisation – in 1 day!

The basis for creating a collaborative culture and value congruence in the team, is that each individual understands and can communicate their personal values ​​and driving forces to the others in the group. Based on this understanding, the group can jointly develop shared priorities and rules to fulfill its mission. We have a process for how your organization can do this in 1 day. Let's tell you how it is done!

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Our Services

We give you the opportunity to know and practise your values.

Insight into personal values ​​is key to commitment and motivation.

Our Value Basic Process forms the basis of all our services. It is easy to apply and adapt to your needs, regardless of whether it is about major organisational changes or personal development.

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Our method and tool

Value Basic Process.

Our Value Basic Process forms the basis of all our services and includes three steps: Rank, Map and Act. The process is easy to apply and adapt to your needs, regardless of whether it is about major organisational changes or personal development.


1. Gör din rangordning


Rank your personal values.

Participants rank their personal values ​​with the interactive online tool Value Online. In the ranking, the most important values ​​are set against each other, and each person extracts his or her most important values ​​- the core values.

The ranking consists of 128 values ​​and takes about 30 minutes to do.


2. Kartlägg dina värderingar


Map you core values to increase insight and understanding.

Following the ranking, you go through and map out the core values ​​under the guidance of a Value facilitator. The mapping places great emphasis on the values ​​that the individual wants to see more of and deals with how the individual and the group can act to practice more of these values.


3. Agera enligt dina värderingar


Act to increase the congruence on both a personal level and in the relationship between the person and the organisation.

In the third step, the group decides how to proceed in order to practice  the values ​​that one wants to see more of. What do you need to focus on and how to act?

Our Services

Some of our most popular services :

Here you can read about some of our most popular services. Please contact us for a conversation about how we can tailor a layout for you and your organisation.

Values & Culture.

New strategy and change process in progress?

In a consciously value-driven organisational culture, transition and changes are perceived as natural since everyone knows  what to do and why.

We offer a process towards a more value-driven organisation.

value-driven board.

Is the board on autopilot? Lost its purpose and focus? Spends time on details?

Give your board the opportunity to lead the organisation through good and bad times by starting with values, culture and vision work. Can be combined with the top management team.

Culture Due Diligence.

Are you about to merge departments
or units?

When merging units, departments and functions, it is crucial to examine what characterizes the different cultures and working methods of the units. How can a new "third" organisational culture with the best of each unit be created?

Personal Development & Coaching.

Are you thinking about how to proceed in your personal development?

Give yourself the opportunity to start from your personal values ​​in order to develop your leadership, your career or personal change work. We also offer mentorship for leaders and managers as well as individual leadership training.

Kick-start for new teams & projects.

Many new co-workers and teams that need to start to deliver?

Give the new team the right conditions to succeed by initially working on the behaviors and priorities that are crucial to the team being successful.


About to recruit new co-workers?

How do you know that those who seek the position have values ​​that are in line with the team and the organisation's values ​​and culture? Skills and experience are easier to develop than values.

Methods that you can measure.

Insight about personal values increase commitment.

Several studies show that people who have insight and knowledge of their own personal values ​​are more committed and motivated - both in their private life and at work.
If they can also find coherence between their own values ​​and the workplace, the effect is even greater. Stress and anxiety associated with work is reduced. Leaders who have insight into both their personal and organisational values are perceived to be more credible and find it easier to make decisions.

In our analysis of commitment linked to values, we start from Posner & Schmidt's research and measurement method. As you can see in the graph to the right, the individual's commitment in the workplace (on a scale of 1 to 7) increases in relation to his/her insight about personal values. Having insight only about the organisational values ​​but no clarity about personal values has no effect.

We can measure employee commitment before and after a Point of Value programme.