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About us

We are a company based in Lund, Sweden that works with the development of individuals, groups and organisations based on values.

All our processes are quality assured and research-based. Our consultants and facilitators work in accordance with our Code of Conduct. We constantly develop and refine our system with the help of our committed facilitators.

Today we are more than 300 educated Value facilitators in Europe and North America and our system is available in 11 languages. More than 46,000 people have used our unique value ranking tool Value.Online until today.
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A philosophy, a method and a system.

Insight into personal values ​​is the key to commitment and motivation.

Values ​​are important because they govern our priorities and thus the reality we shape for ourselves and others. Therefore, giving people the opportunity to discover and practice their values ​​is the reason why Value exists. We focus on personal values ​​as these are the key to the individual's drive and motivation. In our method, it is the individual's own interpretation of the results and what the values ​​mean for him or her that can lead to self-insight and new perspectives.

The difference between normative and personal values.

We have chosen to distinguish between normative and personal values. It gives us the opportunity to work with these two aspects separately. Normative values ​​are the rules and agreements we have in families and in society to be able to agree, while personal values ​​tell us what is important to us, what drives us, what we dream of. These personal values ​​evolve and change through life.

A team or organisation can develop common values ​​that become normative. When the group members have insight into their own values ​​and can link them to the group's common normative values ​​and tasks, the organisation becomes self-sustaining and the continued development becomes self-evident.

A selection of our customers.

Through the years we have cooperated with both small and big organisations.


City of Lund

University Hospital

Danderyd Hospital


Jula Asia &
Jula Poland


Folk High School



Trans Europe Halles

World Values Initiative

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